Monday, 21 May 2012

Festival by the Sea - Quilt Show in Parksville, BC

There are many wonderful quilts at The Parksville/Qualicum Quilt House Quilters Guild Quilt Shows held every three years. The quilt entered below was for the "Festival by the Sea" Quilt Show ~ it was a pleasure to see it hanging amongst so many exceptional entries... it was my first quilt, and I now enjoy hanging it each summer as I love the colour and playfulness this little one block wonder gives.

And as luck would have it my "Yes, I Can" quilt (which is what I said to myself as sewing ensued), received an honourable mention. It was such a great show ~ Congrats to all who participated and collectively put together this wonderful show... Well done! :)

Block Swap Adventure ~ Little Kitten Peek See

The Little Kitten Block for May ~ is currently being done to send off to my May Block Swap Adventure Partner. It was a fun block to research and put together sew carefully! I look forward to shipping the finished Little Kitten Block and sending it off to it's new home... watch in about a week or so for the blog post to view the finished Kitten. LOL Debra

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie


The first of the season Strawberry Rhubarb Pie's are always at hit and I'm sure that this season will also please... I remember when I arrived to sell them at our local Nanoose Studio Tour I had a table full and they sold out on the first day with orders rolling in for more... and when I arrived with more the second day I actually didn't even get them into the building as people were actually purchasing them right in the parking lot. You gotta love the memories eh! Thank you to everyone for their kind words and support.

We love our little farm and baking pies I guess coming with the turf, so The Farmer's Wife Studio will be selling seasonal pies as the crops are ready again this year. It will be great fun to share with everyone our wonderful bounty... have fun in your gardens! Deb

Block Swap Adventure ~ April

Block Swap Adventure Block for April ~ This is a wonderfully executed celtic block received from Shannon in Ohio. It was my first block to be received as part of the Block Swap Adventure on-line and I'm so delighted! The fresh colours and delightful 30's fabric are a perfect choice. I look forward to being a continued partner in the group and hope you enjoyed receiving your Wonky Star Shannon. Thank you, as you might have noted I've placed this block beside some of the items I brought home with me from my visit to Ireland ~ home of my great grandparents. Debra

Block Swap Adventure ~ April

Block Swap Adventure for April ~ This a sneak peek of the Block I received from Shannon. The Colour choice and 30's fabric are delightful... I can hardly hold my excitement!

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Block Swap Adventure ~ May

A Wonky Star ~ sent of to Shannon in Idaho. This block was fun to do!

Shannon's Wonky Star - Peek See

This May is my first ever on-line block swap ~ It's a wonderful way to meet new people and also takes me out of my comfort zone a bit as you never know what your partner will request as there choice. My month of May partner is from Idado and her name is Shannon who has requested a wonky star. I've never made a wonky star before so here is a peek see which I will post on the blog Block Swap Adventure.