The Farmer's Wife Quilt

The Farmer's Wife Quilt

When The Farmer's Wife Studio here at Seameadows Farm was conceptualized Debra did a search on-line to see what would come up... and much to her surprise there was a wonderful Quilt called The Farmer's Wife!

Well this set the wheels in motion as Debra loves to quilt and it seemed like a natural fit to now do the quilt which is very much loved my many...

Keep Posted for updates and pictures on how the quilt is progressing...

If you would like to quilt-a-long... she is extending an invitation to others to join in this quilting adventure.

At present the plan is to begin the quilt-a-long in July of 2012.

Keep Posted for more information!

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  1. Well here it is January of 2013 and it's taken alot longer to get going on this project then originally anticipated. However we are ready to go and I have the first blocks ready to show you.

    The plan is to do a minimum of one block per week.

    Best, Debra